EngineWorks is a research leader in pressure amplification of gases for products in which any kind of surplus heat is present. We make it easy to convert surplus waste energy into useful energy.

What is a Pressure Amplifier?

A Pressure Amplifier is a unit that gives low pressure air high pressure by the use of heat. Theoretically, it is quite simple. Inside a closed volume, a continuous isochoric heat process takes place. When air is trapped inside the space and heat is added, the air is forced to increase its temperature and pressure. This pressurized air is then distributed over a turbine for expansion to drive an external application.

How can I use a Pressure Amplifier?

Pressure amplification can be used for various applications where there is a surplus of heat or waste heat that otherwise would be lost. With a Pressure Amplifier, stationary and mobile generator sets, gas turbine engines, solar capture systems and Organic Rankine Cycle products can be optimized for higher efficiency.

What’s in it for me?

Every single Joule that is expelled without being used in your thermodynamic process is money wasted. With EngineWorks at your side and a Pressure Amplifier in your products, you can either save or even earn money on this resource that otherwise would have been wasted. At the same time, you contribute to a global reduction of energy consumption.