A heat source such as the sun, can be used to drive a system with a Pressure Amplifier (PA), resulting in an efficiency well above that achievable with silica wafers.

Ambient air is sucked into a Pressure Amplifier (PA) and sent to a recuperator. Air is pre-heated in a secondary recuperator by using the system’s exhaust gas, pre-raising the pressure. The sun's rays are concentrated into bundles using a dish or parabolic collector. Air is then fed into a sun collector (primary recuperator) and brought to its full operational pressure and returned to the PA. Pressurized air is expanded in an expander, driving a generator or other application.

Pressure Amplification is an excellent solution for solar thermal applications to reduce system size, complexity and maintenance. With a PA integrated into the system, power can be generated locally instead of centrally, replacing long pipelines for oil or molten salts.

A system with a PA can also be beneficial for private households in sunny regions that want to produce their own electricity.