EngineWorks aims to cultivate long-term relationships with its customers and in this endeavor we are supported by our flexible customer engagement models, our distributed delivery setup, and our transparent and open work culture and practices.

Delivery Model

Projects may require different types of collaborative efforts. We facilitate three types of delivery models.


These projects usually begin with an on-location consulting and needs assessment phase. After the initial on-boarding process and requirement assessment phase is over, the Indiia-based team takes over.

Customers usually personally know all team members by this time and can contact them at any time. This ensures that we become an offshore team with our customers. Although we manage the projects from start tofinish, our customers have clarity and insight into the projects at all times.


Some projects may require very close collaboration with the teams at customer location. In such cases our teams are present onsite for the entire duration of the project. This allows both teams to work absolutely hand-in-hand with each other.


For many projects some team members are sent onsite at the customer’s location and the rest of the team may be based out of India. In such projects, our teams at customer location and in India collaborate and use communication tools such as video conferencing, Skype, and so on to enable smooth operation.

Customized Engagement Processes

Every Customer Engagement is tailored according to the specific needs of our customers. Be it the Development Model, Selection of team members or Quality processes all coordinated with our customer`s vision in mind.

Our approach toward all projects is that of flexibility, transparency and adaptability. Based on our experience, set standards, and customer requirements, we devise new ways of working to deliver results and customer satisfaction. We incorporate Best practices in all areas of the engagement and, wherever necessary, we customize these Best practices to suit the needs of our Customers in the best possible way, knowing that the needs of each customer is very distinctive.