Windows Phone brought unique things in Live Tiles and created a cult of its own. With Windows Phone 8, the trendy will become better, stronger, and wider. WP8 introduces a considerable shift in the base platform and a massive amount of other features.

Microsoft’s transformed efforts to shape out a niche for its Windows mobile phones in the ever changing world of smart devices spearheaded the release of the Windows Phone 8 platform which was technically designed to compete with the iOS, and Android smart devices.

The Windows Phone 8 platform has lived up to this promise by attracting both first time users of its platform and older customers to give its operating systems another shot.

The growing acceptance of Microsoft’s flagship smartphone simply means that the time is right for businesses to cash in on the intuitive user-interfaces, advanced features and networking possibilities the Windows Phone 8 offers.

The Windows Phone 8 platform offers great promise and potential to the developers, particularly the mainstay it receives from C++ and DirectX. Windows phone application development facilitates a highly customized experience that is rich and exceptional. It is an ideal platform to envisage high end graphics and physics based games.

Windows Phone 8 platform offers include: